What is AOM

What Is AOM?

This is How AOM Works

Engaging in the AOM consumption model is very simple. The figure below outlines the workflow starting with supported OEMs followed by our partnership with all leading distributors who provision AOM consumption to the solution provider channel for deployment to the end-user customers. It’s that simple!

The secret sauce to superior Lifecycle Management is the use of “Alternative to OEM Maintenance” (AOM) that is Third Party Maintenance (TPM) EVOLVED!

Third-party maintenance (TPM) has been around for decades. Enterprises around the world have turned to TPM as a cost-effective alternative to expensive OEM support and maintenance. AOM replaces and improves upon TPM for several reasons that you will discover at AOM World. For example, AOM goes through distribution and TPM does not).

Differences between AOM and TPM

The following is very important. There are significant differences between TPM and AOM.

Welcome the Distributor!

Historically, distribution has faced challenges getting into the TPM market. Quoting was slow and manual. AOM combines the benefits of traditional TPM with automated quoting, contract/asset management, detailed lifecycle analytics, and proactive remote monitoring/management. It puts distributors at the center of the workflow as seen below in the chart.