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At AOM World you’ll feel like you are talking to yourself. Why? Because you are. This is a community of like-minded Technology Lifecycle Management (TLM) professionals helping each other. The founders are seasoned technology professionals from distribution, enterprise technology and small and medium business (SMB) technology fields. We half geek and half business, And that’s what TLM is all about.

Harry Brelsford

Managing Director

Harry Brelsford brings 25+ years of business technology experience to AOM World. Known for his work with Managed Services Providers (MSPs), Brelsford has domain expertise in Microsoft product stack technology and analytics. The author of 24 business technology books and hundreds of articles, Brelsford holds an MBA from the University of Denver.

Tim Kubiak

Managing Director

Tim is a Business Geek, Nomad, Aging Metal Head, Nerd, & Coffee Addict. He has spent over 25 years working across a variety of technology segments with and for global companies. He has helped companies that are household names solve some of their most complex sales and global deployment challenges. Currently, he is the CEO of the Minority and Veteran owned Zepol Productions Inc. based in Austin, TX. Additionally, he serves as an executive and board member for selected early-stage SaaS, AI/ML and App-based companies

Paul Wacther


ZPI Asset Management Portal Specialist


Paul is a seasoned professional in the IT World whose roles have included directing purchasing and procurement organizations along with managing international corporations IT Assets.  He is a IAITAM Certified CAMP and CHAMP